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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
July 31, 2018Lee, MA1560 Pleasant St$925,000Martin&Co Property Mgm Andersen, Kenneth E
Andersen, Marcia J
More Info
July 25, 2018Lee, MA880 East St #16D$250,000Peckio, Cleofe Kantrowitz RT
Kantrowitz, Norman
More Info
July 25, 2018Lee, MA725 Tyringham Rd$80,000Marian Missionaries Divin Lee Bank More Info
July 18, 2018Lee, MA109 Railroad St$250,000Lee Choo Choo LLC Marilyn A Kelly RET
Kelly, Marilyn A
More Info
July 16, 2018Lee, MA230 High St$170,000Ely, Carrie J
Swift, Thomas J
Wu, Ngor M More Info
July 16, 2018Lee, MA80 Mountain View Ter$302,000Buratto, Matthew S C Rossier RET 2011
Rossier, Marilyn R
More Info
July 12, 2018Lee, MA880 East St #400D$188,000Lipman, Alan B
Lipman, Barbara R
Mathews, William D
Mathews, Leona R
More Info
July 12, 2018Lee, MA583 West Rd$80,000Homeworks Construction Co Cornerstone LLC More Info
July 12, 2018Lee, MA583 West Rd$487,500Ngowi, Rodrique
Bunning, Lucy
Homeworks Construction Co More Info
July 10, 2018Lee, MA50 Hartwood Rd$269,000Zarnoch, Bruce Herrick, Jenny L More Info
July 09, 2018Lee, MA160 Elk Dr$335,000Miller, Robert J
Miller, Harriet K
Greenfield FT
Baumgartner, Miriam A
More Info
July 02, 2018Lee, MA165 Water St$155,000Cabral, Travis R
Dowd, Rian M
Mars Hill NT
Effron, Julie E
More Info
June 29, 2018Lee, MA295 Prospect St$295,000Mignano, Giuseppe Black, Andrea More Info
June 28, 2018Lee, MA25 Pine Ridge Dr$210,000Boomsma, David C
Boomsma, Shannon D
Pyle, Walter F
Pyle, Lorna B
More Info
June 28, 2018Lee, MA1 East St$700,000Davis, Kiel R
Pasquinelli, Julie A
Zarnoch, Bruce C
Zarnoch, Jo A
More Info
June 27, 2018Lee, MA184 Washington Mountain Rd$175,000Burdick, Samantha L Rozon Elizabeth A Est
Kinney, Dawn M
More Info
June 27, 2018Lee, MA204 High St$166,500Aquino, Elizabeth M Gubbins, Margaret More Info
June 14, 2018Lee, MA705 Pleasant St$2,550,000705 Pleasant Street LLC CC Liquidation Inc More Info
June 13, 2018Lee, MA345 West Rd$77,500Comalli, James
Comalli, Norma
West Road RT
Tashjian, Cynthia Q
More Info
June 11, 2018Lee, MA186 High St$260,000Washabaugh, Sally
Washabaugh, Robert
Christinat-Castillo, J L
Castillo, Nelson
More Info
June 08, 2018Lee, MA235 East St$183,000Somerville, Timothy Howitt, C Linda
Williams, Evan R
More Info
June 06, 2018Lee, MA102 W Park St$278,000Lee Bank Coulombe, Jason
Freeman, Teri L
More Info
May 31, 2018Lee, MA70 Stockbridge Rd$250,000Packard, Bruce A
Packard, Cynthia S
Foulds, Susan W More Info
May 25, 2018Lee, MA185 Stockbridge Rd$400,000Palumbo, Christopher W
Palumbo, Yin C
Proctor, Richard A
Proctor, Clare
More Info
May 18, 2018Lee, MA275 Mandalay Rd$70,000Kelly, Keith
Kelly, Denise
Yokun Ridge Property Mgmt More Info
May 17, 2018Lee, MA104 Center St$50,000SJJL LLC Leprevost, Sandra L More Info
May 17, 2018Lee, MA1900 Cape St$350,000Business Investments LLC AJT RT
Touponce, Thomas E
More Info
May 15, 2018Lee, MA170 Fairview St$225,000Goetze, Christopher W
Goetze, Beth H
Stone, Jean
Piacquadio, Jon
More Info
May 11, 2018Lee, MA28 Park St$214,000Pan, Feng
Zhu, Chen
Heeren, Keith
Heeren, Tamy
More Info
May 04, 2018Lee, MA587 West Rd$125,000Rodgers, Donald R
Rodgers, Charlotte L
Homeworks Construction Co More Info
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