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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
October 02, 2017Lee, MA90 Saint James Ave$173,000Boomsma, Kristine P Rivera-Lara, Herney
Rodriguez, Jenny E
More Info
September 28, 2017Lee, MA560 East St$195,000Scapin, Courtney M Zerbato, Robert P More Info
September 25, 2017Lee, MA39 Robert St$143,000Perreault, Devin J
Formel, Brianna M
Decker, Christine R More Info
September 25, 2017Lee, MA85 Birch St$198,000Durfee, Leslee M
Sedelow, Gregory S
Maynes, Diane M More Info
September 11, 2017Lee, MA1590 Pleasant St$113,000Faggioni, Cindy L
Faggioni, Paul A
Thompson, Joanne R More Info
September 06, 2017Lee, MA1060 Cape St$235,837FNMA Yagoda, Harold
Yagoda, Susan
More Info
September 05, 2017Lee, MA286 Antelope Dr$23,000Sariego, Stephen M Smith, Denton J More Info
September 01, 2017Lee, MA280 East St$215,500Briggs, J Todd
Briggs, Gail A
Blache, Jarrod B More Info
August 30, 2017Lee, MA208 High St$131,000Naughton, Jamie M Faulstich, Julie F More Info
August 25, 2017Lee, MA65 Margerie St$261,000Wrobel, Gregory T
Wrobel, Candace M
Boswell, Kathryn V More Info
August 24, 2017Lee, MA460 Leisure Lee Rd$33,000Misrok, Lawrence J
Misrok, Ruth
Lee Town Of More Info
August 18, 2017Lee, MA25 Saint Marys Ave$259,000Cyr, Matthew M
Fujan, Rhonda J
Devarennes FT
Devarennes, Michael
More Info
August 17, 2017Lee, MA315 Church St$900,000Loving-Aaronson, Emily
Azuma, Selom H
Lincoln T Co
Pensco T Co
More Info
August 16, 2017Lee, MA650 Mallard Ln #6$825,000Krause, Benjamin D
Krause, Sandra S
Lee Homer LLC More Info
August 16, 2017Lee, MA650 Mallard Ln #3$825,000Krause, Benjamin D
Krause, Sandra S
Lee Homer LLC More Info
August 15, 2017Lee, MA82 Prospect St$235,000Bell-Copper, Laura
Copper, Jennifer
Reiss, Juliana B More Info
August 15, 2017Lee, MA105 Tyringham Rd$100,000Shove, Mychal AJT RT
Touponce, Thomas E
More Info
August 14, 2017Lee, MA880 East St #3A$267,000880 Lee LLC 1997 Gladys Botie T
Botie, Gladys
More Info
August 11, 2017Lee, MA165 Orchard St$355,000Rankin, James
Rankin, Amanda
Shaw, Dean I
Shaw, Dorinda H
More Info
August 09, 2017Lee, MA210 Greylock St$210,000Cummings, Alan M
Cummings, Laura E
Towne, Benjamin B
Towne, Amanda L
More Info
July 28, 2017Lee, MA40 Saint James Ave$235,000Keith, Abbey E Decarlo, Anita L More Info
July 24, 2017Lee, MA841 East St$164,000Kearney, Eileen A Barron, Dennis P
Delcarpine, Joanne
More Info
July 24, 2017Lee, MA54 High St$362,000Mathews, William D
Mathews, Leona
Holske, Lincoln S
Holske, Sandra L
More Info
July 21, 2017Lee, MA880 East St #6A$250,000Melnick, Gary
Melnick, Roberta
Rosenbluth, Laurel More Info
July 19, 2017Lee, MA770 Summer St #5A$435,000Lebwohl, Nathan H
Lebwohl, Sherri D
Shapiro, Lawrence R
Shapiro, Miriam M
More Info
July 17, 2017Lee, MA286 Antelope Dr$23,000Digrigoli, Louis J Smith, Denton J More Info
July 11, 2017Lee, MA284 Antelope Dr$30,000Digrigoli, Joyce C Semanchik, Donald R
Golojuch, Karen A
More Info
July 07, 2017Lee, MA25 Prospect St$130,000Mcguire, Christopher W
Mcguire, Sarah E
Macdonald Harold C Est
Macdonald, Charles R
More Info
July 07, 2017Lee, MA40 Beaver Dam Rd$350,000Johnson, Robert M Goldberg, Steven M
Goldberg, Judith A
More Info
July 06, 2017Lee, MA50 Housatonic St$169,000Herlihy, Joshua J Ethel M Noonan IRT
Toomey, Donna M
More Info
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